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Madonna JUC-901 Nozomi Hatzuki Anal Slave Dog Destroyed

Watch JAV Porn Rarely three years ago, married a manager's husband. But my husband's company went bankrupt ... In addition, the repayment of the debt is delayed, and the rare will be brought to the man named Kasai of the pet shop <Merciless merchant store>. Kasai, who sees the nature as a rare slave dog at first glance, sells the rare by prompt decision to breeder · Sakurai who is making acquaintance. From that day on Sakurai is rare that has been trained up to anal. In addition, Sakurai plans to take rare to a dog social gathering where slave dog lovers meet.3年前、経営者の夫と結婚をした希。しかし夫の会社が倒産…さらに借金の返済が滞り、希はペットショップ<魅畜商店>の葛西という男のもとに連れてこられる。一目見て希の奴隷犬としての素質を見抜いた葛西は懇意にしているブリーダー・桜井に即決で希を売り飛ばす。その日からというもの桜井にアナルまで調教されてしまった希。さらに、桜井は希を奴隷犬愛好家が集う<哀犬社交会>に連れて行こうと計画するのだが…。 Free on

Published Time2017-06-12
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