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Movies Online "Gokin Girl!" Even now the closing time is about to end, new entrants still have a lot of success and I am pleased that all the staff are appreciated. As announced, we planned not to announce a new work this month, but with a feeling of gratitude to everyone, a small amount of "Magiona" will be presented. It is "Magiona Selection" where three people are totally undisclosed, "Komachi Chan", "Ki yo Chang", and "Shiho Chan".「ガチん娘!」終焉を目前としても未だに新規入会者が後を絶たず、スタッフ一同ありがたいことと喜んでおります。告知の通り、今月は新作を発表しない予定でありましたが、皆様への感謝の気持ちを込めて、ささやかですが、「マジオナ」詰め合わせをお贈りいたします。完全未公開の”こまちチャン”、”きよはチャン”、”志保チャン”の3名が登場する「マジオナ・セレクション」です。 by findporn.tv

Published Time2017-07-20
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